One of a Kindness
One of a Kindness

Welcome to One of a Kindness

Welcome to a community where kindness matters.

About Us

This is a community created to further kindness throughout the world. We aim to spread more love, share good ideas, collaborate well, and honor the one-of-a-kindness in each of our members. Our mission also includes teaching and modeling kindness in everyday situations and bringing more civility to the workplace. If you want to fan the flames of a kindness movement and spread the virus we all want to catch, then be an active member of the Kindness Club. We welcome you!

This is an umbrella organization that is welcoming smaller groups to the entire community so we can spread uplifting content and even more kindness.  If you are here because your group 'moved here' from another location (i.e., Facebook, another Mighty Network, etc.,) it's because your moderator or host felt that your group would be well-served to meet others who are purveyors of kindness, as well as keeping your group in tact and with integrity. 

Why You Should Join Us

This is a powerful place to be.  Meet friends who also share a vision of a more kind world. Connect and collaborate with others on special projects that further kindness globally.  Get access to Kindness Kits™ and Kindness Currency™ that allow you to receive kindness for yourself and get tools to share more kindness with others when you're out in the world.

Our club will be working on several special projects that include Kindness Conventions, gatherings, educational opportunities, and so much more.  So, be part of the club! It's a great place to just feel good on a daily basis!  You are One-of-a-Kindness™!

A Big Thanks...

To our first year sponsor and founders at We couldn't have even started without you. And a huge shout out to our friends, family, and new collaborators who all decided to be founding members of the Club.  We love you all, and look forward to your engaged participation this year and beyond! 

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